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Carpet Cleaning

The humble beginnings of the carpet started around 464 B.C. We know this because in 1960, the earliest knotted rug, named “The PazyrykCarpet” was discovered in a tomb in Mongolia.The rug that measured at around 6 feet had all the characteristics of a modern Persian rug, which has led historians to believe that carpet / rug weaving in Persia dates back to the Bronze Age. In the Middle East, carpets were once readily accepted as dowries or to pay for livestock. The Mogul rulers of India made sure that the carpet was woven exclusively for their magnificent palaces. Even in China, carpets were mostly ornamental and used only by the wealthy. While before that, hand-woven carpets were being used by the affluent in England, it was not until 1655, that carpet weaving would flourish with the first carpet factory that was built in Wilton, England. With the advent of the industrial revolution in 1760, large-scale carpet weaving would spread to the US and other parts of Europe.

Over the centuries, gradual improvements to the weaving process have resulted in the evolution in the design of patterns and textures in carpets. While carpets have become a common feature in homes around the world, different designs and textures of carpets are produced by different ethnicities in different parts of the world. Today, you can find a wide variety of carpets to suit the aesthetics of your home.

Caring for Your Carpet

Nobody likes to have a dirty, stained or spotted carpet, or a carpet that gives off a strange odor, due to food droppings, spills, or other contaminations. If you are looking to restore your carpet back to its original, clean and attractive state, then its time you contacted the experts at Green Carpet Clean Up

We have a team of professional carpet cleaners that you can trust in restoring your carpet back to its original, dirt-free state. Our cleaning specialists have years of experience in carpet cleaning and use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean your carpet according to the carpet type, using the latest equipment.Our carpet cleaning specialists will not only remove the visible stains from your carpet but also those hidden underneath and between the carpet fibers, resulting in a deeper, more thorough cleaning.

When it comes to area rug and carpet cleaning, we’re not like the other cleaners. How? Sure, they offer “Professional services” and “Experienced technicians”. We do too, but isn’t that what’s expected when you are looking for a carpet or area rug cleaner?

At Green Carpet Clean Up, we already assume you are looking for certified and experienced technicians and a professional service, and we are able to deliver on that promise. But, unlike other cleaners, we go the extra mile for all of our clients, because we are not simply a carpet /area rug “cleaning” company, we are a “caring” company. That’s right; we care for your carpet / area rug, and promise to deliver an unmatched service quality at the best prices possible. In other words, we want what’s best for your carpet.

We use heavy-duty commercial water vacuums and the latest water machines to not just improve your carpet or area rug, but give it a new lease on life.

Our Full Service List

  1. Couch cleaning
  2. Sofa cleaning
  3. Arm chair cleaning
  4. Dining room chair cleaning
  5. Love seat cleaning
  6. Blind cleaning
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